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Peter Belbita

Hi, I'm Peter Belbita. Welcome to my profile!

Peter Belbita's Bio:

Peter Belbita unifies the technology and creative worlds in developing innovative business concepts and improving business models. His perseverance to “get the job done” is superseded only by his passion for excellence and pride in his work. Peter expertly blends marketing, advertising, public relations, information technology and legal experience into his projects, resulting in consistent success in all his initiatives. He is indeed an entrepreneurial star on the rise.

Peter Belbita's Experience:

Peter Belbita's Education:

Peter Belbita's Interests & Activities:

✦ Computer games ✦ Video gaming ✦ Social networking ✦ Keeping virtual pets ✦ Creating software ✦ Internet browsing ✦ Blogging ✦ Building computers and robots

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